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What is the difference between a Body Corporate and a Body Corporate Manager?

Many people are perplexed as to which obligations are the responsibility of the body corporate vs the body corporate manager.

Misconceptions concerning a body corporate manager's responsibilities include the following:

  • The body corporate manager is not the body corporate.

  • Body corporate levies are deposited into the body corporate corporate bank account and not being paid to the body corporate manager.

  • The body corporate manager has no authority to carry out the body corporate's functions (unless there is no committee and the body corporate manager has been engaged to carry out all the functions of the body corporate under Chapter 5 of the Act).

  • Owner requests cannot be granted by the body corporate manager because they must be approved by the committee or by the owners at a general meeting (depending on the nature of the request).

  • Work health and safety, fire safety, insurance valuation, sinking fund forecasts, and asbestos reports are regulatory requirements, not strata manager duties.

The SCA Qld have produced an excellent resource which summarises the differences between a body corporate and a body corporate manager. Download it here.

Body corporate vs body corporate manager fact sheet
Download PDF • 284KB

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