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Allow Northern Body Corporate Management to manage the establishment of the Body Corporate on your behalf.

As a member of UDIA (Qld), you can be confident that Northern Body Corporate Management will provide you with the greatest service, advice, and assistance with your development. From the beginning to the end, you will receive a seamless setup and specialised assistance to assist you with your new scheme.

Northern Body Corporate Management is capable of the following:

  • Provide a fact sheet on the roles and requirements of a Body Corporate to sales agents, upon request, for distribution to potential buyers. This can be customised for the development and contributes to the body corporate's positive image. It defines a body corporate succinctly so that purchasers understand the function of a body corporate. Additionally, the data sheet includes Northern Body Corporate Management's contact information, so buyers with specific issues or inquiries can contact us.

  • Wherever possible, attempt to resolve property issues with owners prior to involving the developer.

  • Organise insurance, grounds upkeep, and the establishment of the Body Corporate's administration and sinking fund accounts.

  • Schedule and attend the inaugural meeting of the body corporate.

  • Provide guidance on common property issues that may result in lower body corporate costs and increased sales features.

  • At no additional cost to the body corporate, convene a Special General Meeting with the new owners once all units have been settled.

  • Provide Certificates of Information and Disclosure Statements.


Northern Body Corporate Management can be critical for developers when it comes to establishing new strata communities. If we are involved from the start, we can eliminate roadblocks before they occur.

Please Contact Us.

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