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Staying Secure in Multi-residential Living

The Queensland Police have produced a great resource providing advice about security for strata title properties. These tips and recommendations are a great start to reducing the risk of break-ins.

When it comes to high-rise residential buildings and apartments, security is essential. The majority of break-ins are opportunistic, especially when there is evidence of quick and easy entry and unsecured valuables are visible.

Some tips for reducing risk include:

  • Having good individual routines and habits is essential in safeguarding all residents.

  • Identify management’s role and function in your building and have relevant phone numbers saved in your phone.

  • Ensure you are aware of building evacuation and safety procedures.

  • Close any communal doors that are open and unattended.

  • Avoid lending keys to anyone, even if they are someone you trust.

  • Make sure you have properly fitted deadlocks and window locks, with locks ‘keyed alike’ which fit all doors and windows.

  • Always keep your balcony screen doors locked, even when you are home and it is night time.

  • Avoid storing excess belongings and valuables in garage areas and lock-up garages.

  • Keep your bicycle in a locked storage area where possible and consider removing the wheel or seat when not in use.

  • Take a photograph of your bicycle, including the serial number and save it in your records.

  • Secure bicycles and motorcycles if possible, to something solid in the absence of a locked storage area. Use additional security measures for motorcycles.

  • Remove all valuables (including garage remotes) and personal items when leaving your car unattended or ensure they are out of sight.

  • Always lock your car, including the boot, and remember to fully close all windows.

  • Secure your registration plates with anti-theft screws.

  • Check the garage door closes completely each time you enter and exit, so that potential offenders cannot sneak in.

(Multi-residential living security,

You can download the complete brochure here.

Crime Prevention
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