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What you need to know about Fire Legislation

Following is information published by Strata Community Association - Qld with regards to Fire Legislation for those living in strata title.

Class 2 Unit complexes are required to meet the maintenance requirements of the QDC MP 6.1. This prescribes appropriate performance standards for maintenance of fire safety installations for the safe occupation of buildings and specify the maintenance records required. This means buildings with prescribed fire safety installations as part of the National Construction Code at building approval, will have a holistic building fire detection and alarm system or fire hose reels or fire extinguishers that cover common hallways etc. These are subject to comply with QDC MP 6.1 requirements at all times.

Members are reminded that individual units that are tenanted, are required to upgrade their smoke alarms from 1 January 2022, unless they have currently installed a smoke detection system in accordance with NCC Specification E2.2A Clause 4. Individual building approval documents should be sourced to ascertain if this is the situation or not.

Upgraded smoke alarms will need to be tested in accordance with the new legislation only, for example by the landlord within 30 days of the commencement of a new tenancy and at least once every 12 months by the tenant.

Please call us at Northern Body Corporate Management if you wish to know more.

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